Engineering Club: How Stuff Works (7+)

Do you want to make an electric motor, and while you build, explore what makes it move? Do you want to find out what mechanism helps us stay up on a bike? Do you want to take apart a microwave to unravel how it heats food? In this class, students question the machines that we take for granted, and learn about their inner workings. We will be taking stuff apart as well as building things, to explore the scientific ideas, the physics and mechanisms that power life around us. We’ll be tinkering and observing and experimenting, learning about diverse concepts such as levers & pulleys, circuits, and thermodynamics (what makes a balloon fly?). Parents are invited to donate discarded household appliances for students to reverse engineer.  Instructor: Mark Weinzierl, Acera Physics/Science Teacher

2016-07-27 10.49.00

LARP Adventure Program (10+)

Do you like to seek treasure and uncover the secrets of the universe? Battle brutal bandits, gruesome goblins and unworldly undead? Do you have what it takes to slay dragons, find your way through the dungeon and claim the ancient treasure? LARP stands for Live Action Role Play, and this program allows students to step into an interactive theater world, armed with sword and sorcery. Become the hero you have always dreamed of and save the lands of Etheraz from the great shadow. Led by LARP Adventure Program

Games, Arts & Discovery

Are you eager to explore our nature-based adventure playground, and engage both your body and your mind as you create theaters and forts, tie new platforms into the trees or make a new swing using ropes and branches? Do you like to take all the blocks and board game pieces and other supplies you can find in your house and turn them into an airport, a city, a land no one has ever seen before?  This program is all about free, creative play, outdoors and indoors. Based on the group and their interests, student will play games, build and create, supported and guided in their quests and explorations by our afternoon staff. (This program also serves as a drop-in option.) Instructor: Acera afternoon staff.  

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